Welcome to Spirit of Unity!

A Church Without Walls!

Technology has made many changes in our world, and the way we live, shop, enjoy
entertainment and yes...even the way we worship!

With that in mind, Spirit of Unity is announcing the beginning of a new way of

"doing church."  

A weekly Meta-Musing inspirational message will be posted weekly.

New Videos will come soon...at this time we're on hold for a new camera.
Meanwhile, check the video page for past messages.

The Sunday message will be uploaded to the Internet in a video format.

It is our sincere desire that our new format will make it possible for our wonderful
Unity message to reach even more people!

See you in Cyberspace!

Spirit of Untiy Church could be your answer!

Spirit of Unity is a New Thought Christian church, culturally Christian yet Spiritually
unlimited. Our Church is online, available to all who are called to the Unity
message. We deliver a positive message of spiritual growth and fulfillment. We
use the Bible as our primary text and interpret it metaphysically; embracing our
Christian roots while exploring the truth in all world religions. We welcome all
people of all faiths. We believe in making a difference in the world around us as a
part of our spiritual practice.

Rev. Alicia-Leslie, Minister