Our Core Beliefs
Our Core Beliefs

  • 1.We believe in God, the Good--Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipresence,
    and Omnibenevolence--Our Father-Mother God, Divine Mind, in Whom "we live
    and move and have our being (Acts 17:28, NAB). We believe that God-Mind is
    primary and causative, and we believe in the supremacy and eternity of the

  • 2.We believe in Christ, the Son of God, the perfect Word or Idea of God, that
    abides in each person as potential perfection.

  • 3.We believe in Jesus Christ, the Head of our Church, the Son of God made
    manifest in Jesus of Nazareth, the embodiment of all divine ideas, which exists
    externally in Divine Mind.

  • 4.We believe in the Holy Spirit--the whole Spirit of God in action, God's love
    and grace ever ready to be poured out in spiritual baptism upon all who
    receptively look to it for guidance.

  • 5.We believe in the Holy Trinity of God (Father-Mother): Mind, Idea (the Christ)
    and Expression (Holy Spirit): we believe that the whole Spirit of God is with us
    at all times, everywhere.

  • 6.We believe in the trinity of humankind: the threefold nature of each person
    as Spirit (Superconscious or Christ Mind), soul (or mind, including conscious
    and subconscious), and body (including all that appears in this plane of

  • 7.We believe that the kingdom of heaven or harmony is within the individual,
    and that through each person the law and order existing in Divine Mind are to
    be established on earth.

  • 8.We believe that the way to the full experience and expression of the kingdom
    of heaven is not through any material object or personality, but only through
    the indwelling Christ.

  • 9.We believe that the "second coming" of Jesus Christ is now being fulfilled,
    that His Spirit is quickening the whole world.

  • 10.We believe that God's will for us is good and only good, including
    illumination, wholeness, prosperity, harmony, peace and joy, and that God "is
    pleased to give (us) the kingdom" (Lk 12:32, NAB)

  • 11.We believe that we are created "in the divine image" (Genesis 2:27, NAB),
    and therefore are co-creators with God, endowed with free will and spiritual

  • 12.We believe that divine intelligence is always present in every atom of
    humankind and matter.

  • 13.We believe in the creative power of thoughts and words, whether spoken or

  • 14.We believe in the power of prayer to illumine, heal, prosper, and bless
    unlimited by time and space.

  • 15.We believe in the law of mind action: that thoughts held in mind reproduce
    after their kind.

  • 16.We believe in the Golden Rule: "Do unto others whatever you would have
    them do to you" (Mt. 7:12 NAB) as our standard of life.

  • 17.We believe we are to follow Jesus Christ in the Regeneration--the unification
    of Spirit, soul, and body in eternal spiritual oneness, or unity.

  • 18.We believe all the doctrines of Christianity, spiritually interpreted, and agree
    with the universal Truth evident in all religions, for each one is a path to God.

  • 19.We believe that the Holy Bible testifies to the Word of God, the Truth that
    is echoed in all scriptures.

  • 20.We believe that it is our divine purpose to provide a setting where the Word
    of Truth is spoken, according to our highest understanding of the teachings of
    Jesus Christ in the tradition of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, co-founders of the
    Unity Movement, and others of like mind, for the Word of Truth illumines,
    heals, prospers, and frees. "You will know the truth, and the truth will set you
    free." (Jn 8:32, NAB)

  • 21.We believe that Spirit of Unity Church is a ministry for spiritual learning and
    healing in mind and in body, and a place of happiness of peace, where the love
    offering plan is taught and practiced. We teach and practice the Christ
    principles of tithing in appreciation for spiritual food, and we know that Truth is
    priceless. God is our instant, constant and abundant Source, and we are

    "The creed that you write today may not fit the
    viewpoint of tomorrow; hence the safe and sure religious foundation for all
    men that laid down by Jesus, 'The Spirit of Truth...shall guide you into all the
    truth.' A statement setting forth the teaching of a religious institution is
    essential, but compelling clauses should be omitted."
    Charles Fillmore, The Twelve Powers of Man

    The Statement of Faith composed by Charles Fillmore was published by Unity
    School throughout his life experience on this plane, and is the basis for the
    above Statement of Faith. Those who follow the Unity teachings are in no way
    compelled to accept this or any statement of faith, yet these ideas are set
    down as a standard of belief, that this congregation affirms as representing
    the fundamental teachings of Unity. We realize that our Statement of Faith is
    not written in stone, but rather, is always open to the guidance of the Holy
    Spirit. Members of our spiritual family who feel led to propose changes in this
    document are invited to submit their proposals in writing to the Minister of the
    church by December 1 of any year. Then during that December, these
    proposals will be prayerfully considered and put before the full membership for
    ratification at the next Annual Meeting in January of that year.

    This Unity Church Statement of Faith was written by the Reverend Leddy
    Hammock, based on the Statement of Faith written by Charles Fillmore, and
    published by Unity School of Christianity until 1984.