About Me...Rev. Alicia-Leslie

All of my life, I felt a deep desire to be closer to God; to know, love and serve God. I
prayed and did my best to live in accord with the teaching of my church of origin.
Oftentimes, I found that I could not resolve the teachings of the church and the
Truth that lives in my heart and soul.

I did all that was expected of me, which basically meant getting married and raising a
family, and as the fairy tale ending says, "live happily ever after." The "happily ever
after" was not happening though. It seemed as if the prayers I had prayed all of my
life just were not working. And so, I began a quest to help me to discover who I am,
who God is, and how I could live a meaningful life.

Do not misunderstand me. Many things in my life were wonderful. I am blessed with
amazing children. I was divinely blessed with creativity and a wonderful family.  I was
blessed with the ability to see the lesson, and the good in spite of appearances. Yes.
The good. That is how I found Unity, which is the church of my heart.

While on my quest to find God and the meaning of my life I was given a copy of the
"Daily Word," which is Unity's monthly devotional magazine. I found that its words
echoed the deepest beliefs of my heart and soul. It took another year or so for me
to find my way to a Unity church. Then, when I was truly ready, I walked into the
church that would change my life, enrich my relationship with God, and give me an
understanding of Jesus, the Christ and what he taught.

I found that Unity truly is a way of life that works, and because of this I dedicated
my life to sharing the Unity teaching by giving my life to God as a Unity minister. In
1992, after completing the Ministerial Education Program at Unity Village, MO I was
ordained as a Unity Minister. Since that time, I have served three churches,  
pioneering a church, "Spirit of Unity," and then retired from pulpit ministry, moving
my ministry online.

I invite you to explore the Spirit of Unity site. You may find it has words you have
been looking for all of your life.
Rev. Alicia-Leslie, Minister